Plain and simple, a cargo box (a.k.a. roof box) extends your vehicle’s storage. For camping trips, we load it up with light but bulky items. For example: tent, sleeping bags, tarps, poles, camping chairs, fishing gear, inflatables, beach/water toys, clothing, etc. We really enjoy using it because if reduces the time and stress when loading your vehicle (to and from the campsite).

Aside from camping, a cargo box could be used for any road trips. It is also good at transporting long articles, sporting equipment such a skis, snowboards, oars, etc.

Usually, investing in a cargo box means you also need to have a roof rack. Therefore, the cost could add up very quickly. Study the cost and size needed carefully before making your decision. Also, don’t forget you need to store it somewhere when it’s not attached to your vehicle. Some cargo box sizes can be quite massive.

Quick tips:

  • both your vehicle and cargo box have load limits so it’s best to know these limits and store light and bulky items only.
  • cargo box can become quite hot so do not store any perishable food or fuel in it
  • note the total height of your vehicle with cargo box and add 6 inches to it. Remember this number and pay attention to height limits of all public parking garages, drive-through and your own garage. Needless to say, smashing your cargo box is going to be quite costly.

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Cargo Box