Manitoba is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. It is called the Land of 100,000 Lakes because numerous lakes formed as Lake Agassiz gradually drained more than 8000 years ago. Manitoba has a very diverse landscape consisting of arctic tundra, coastline, forest and farmland. Therefore, its provincial parks offer campers of various outdoor activities including: hiking, biking canoeing and fishing.

If you live or stay near Winnipeg, the table below shows the nearest campgrounds with showers.

Notes about the table:

  • Only provincial and national parks offering online booking are listed.
  • All listed parks will have a least one campground or sector that have showers.
  • Travel time will vary depending on your actual location and road conditions.
  • You can sort the campground by name, travel time, etc.

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Birch Point Park (Moose Lake) Birds Hill Grand Beach Hecla/Grindstone (Hecla Gull Harbour) Hnausa Beach Lundar Beach Manipogo Rainbow Beach Rivers Spruce Woods (Kiche Manitou) St. Malo Stephenfield Park Turtle Mountain (Adam) Watchorn White Whiteshell (Betula) (Big Whiteshell) (Falcon Beach) (Falcon Lakeshore) (Nutimik) (Opapiskaw) (Otter Falls) (West Hawk) William Winnipeg Beach Riding Mountain National (Wasagaming)