We have camped with friends whose lanterns are powered by propane and liquid fuel. Their lanterns were undeniably bright. However, we chose batteries over propane or liquid fuel because of two main reasons. First, batteries are slightly more compact in size (not weight). Secondly, they are more interchangeable. For example, AAA batteries are for the flashlights and emergency radios while D batteries are for the air mattress pump and our LED lantern. So to us, batteries are a little more versatile.

The campsite will be in total darkness if there is no light source after dark. Therefore, lantern and flashlights are crucial for evening activities at the campsite and trips to the bathrooms. The lantern below has detachable panels so you can leave the base on the picnic table while placing other ones at next to the camp stove or inside a tent.

Make sure you bring extra D batteries. Another way to keep your campsite illuminated is to start a campfire (if it’s allowed). Get ready to roast some marshmallows!

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LED Lantern