photo by Andy Holmes

Alberta claims almost 40% of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Canada. In other words, you can discover many gems within one stop. In addition, Alberta has possibly the best tourist attraction in Canada, Lake Louise, at Banff National Park (part of Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks). The scenery at Lake Louise is simply stunning with its calming turquoise water and glacial mountain as its backdrop and reflection.

With its mixture of five national parks and 75 provincial parks. Alberta has many large campgrounds and outdoor activities to welcome its visitors. For instance, its hiking trails are over 1,000 kilometres long and packed with amazing views. So, be ready to camp, hike, explore and soak up Alberta’s natural beauty.

If you live or stay near Calgary, the table below shows the nearest campgrounds with showers.

Notes about the table:

  • Only provincial and national parks offering online booking are listed.
  • All listed parks will have a least one campground or sector that have showers.
  • Travel time will vary depending on your actual location and road conditions.
  • You can sort the campground by name, travel time, etc.

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McLean Creek Rec Area Little Bow Park Kinbrook Island Tillebrook Dinosaur Miquelon Lake Pigeon Aspen Beach Jarvis Bay Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site Fallen Timber Rec Area Bow Valley (Willow Rock) Bow Valley (Bow Valley) Peter Lougheed (Elkwood) Peter Lougheed (Boulton Creek) (Two Jack Lakeside) (Tunnel Mountain Village) (Johnston Canyon) (Louise Tent)