photo by Joshua Reddekopp

Saskatchewan is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. Its largest cities are: Saskatoon and provincial capital, Regina.

The province is called the Land of Living Skies because Saskatchewan’s sky appears to be alive with shifting colours and flying birds. For instance, its massive sky dances in a wide colour gamut whether it be the sunrise or sunset or the spectacular aurora (a.k.a northern light). Furthermore, the waterfowl migration during the fall is also an awe-inspiring sight.

Overall, this is great news for campers who are avid photographers and birdwatchers. Lastly, Saskatchewan is a sunbelt province which means you have more time to explore outdoor activities in the sun.

If you live or stay near Saskatoon, the table below shows the nearest campgrounds with showers.

Notes about the table:

  • Only provincial and national parks offering online booking are listed.
  • All listed parks will have a least one campground or sector that have showers.
  • Travel time will vary depending on your actual location and road conditions.
  • You can sort the campground by name, travel time, etc.

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